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A Heart for Obedience + Accountability

Once upon a time there was a girl, desperate to figure out what in the world she was created to do. She would strive and search, try and fail, work and meet sucess face-to-face only to realize, that wasn’t it. At one point she threw up her hands and said no to everything and slowly practiced saying yes, one thing at a time. She embraced rest and relationships, slowness and purpose. She took on challenges that stretched her and mover her so far out of her comfort zone it would take an eternity to get back. One day, in the midst of this crazy, hard, beautiful life she realized with complete awe, she was doing EXACTLY what she was created to do. She was living from the fullness of her heart and it’s a powerful and incredible place to be. That girl…is me.

So here we are in the first day of a new month… the last 90 days of the year. I’ve tasted the fruit of obedience in my life and seen the impact in the lives of those I love.

Obedience is a hard concept to grasp simply because it can feel like we are in third grade again and the teacher expects us to follow ALL the classroom rules. Obedience can feel as uncomfortable as it did when we were a teenager with “mean” parents and a “strict” curfew. The burden of obedience can cause us to strive, provoke us to feelings of incompetency or move us to a place of complete surrender to our purpose and God’s plan.

This month, for the next 31 days, I’m participating in a write 31 days challenge. Simply stated, we are challenged to write consistently, every day, for 31 days about one topic.

I felt a strong nudge to participate a few months ago. In obedience to what I felt like God was asking me to do I shared it with a few friends. We brainstormed and I felt peace and conviction. Throw in a little accountability because I told a few people about it and here we are.


At the beginning of this year I laid down writing, this blog, and promoting on social media. I took time to just breathe. In all honesty, my first year of “retirement” after stepping out of full time ministry still held a full calendar. There were speaking engagements and fun adventures, big goals like running a half marathon for my 40th and travel. My life was full of friends and family and everything good. I attended a writing conference, participated in a writing group, read books about writing and tried my hand at this whole blogging thing. My book proposal was submitted to a few different publishers but they weren’t interested in my project and, to be honest, I was bummed and confused. Every swing felt like a miss. It did’t feel right and it wasn’t filing my cup. So I stopped everything.

I quit trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing with my life and started living my life. I put all my energy into my family, building a new house on our farm and planning for my daughters wedding. Surprisingly, I really had no idea what those three little things would take out of me, but God sure did. If I had tried to travel for speaking engagements, write regularly or work on a book manuscript in the midst of all of that, I would have missed the best parts. I have plenty to share about all of these things and so much more in the days to come.


A few months after “quitting” I was approached about helping a ministry I love with a writing project. One writing project has turned into a couple which have the potential to impact lives, marriages and families around the world for eternity. Arguably, that can sound ambiguous, but my heart believes so much in what He has asked me to put my hands to that I can’t help but share it with you too!

As for the blog, I’m going to write, for me, for the next 31 days. My prayer is that it impacts others too. But, if  it’s only for me, I’m completely ok with that. I’m walking in obedience to what I feel like God has asked me to do. Your part? Let me know what you’d like me to write about too!


When I had to pick a topic to write about it felt fitting to write about the heart. We all have a heart for something, or lots of things. For some it’s hard to articulate, for others it’s hard to pursue. We are all hard-wired to love and the things we love make us who we are. In my efforts to share what I have a heart for, I hope you can share what you have a heart for too.


Here’s where you come in. One of my weakest areas that needs strengthening is follow through. I get busy, forget, put it off for later or just plain quit. I want to walk in obedience with accountability through this next 31 days. I’m committed to showing up and I’m asking you to show up too! This will keep me accountable to walking in obedience and trust. You showing up looks like taking a minute or two to read my posts and responding if there’s question. You can share it with the people in your life who might need to read it or hear what’s coming from my heart to yours/theirs. I will ask though, share with specific people instead of general social media shares because I believe the Lord has something personal and specific for each of us.


Here’s to the next 31 days… Sharing my heart, walking in obedience and asking for accountability!

Love you guys!


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  1. Melissa October 2, 2018 at 8:31 am - Reply

    “She was living from the fullness of her heart…” I hope you will explore that further in upcoming writing. I want to understand more of what that looks like, as I meditate on that for myself too. (Also, a big hug from me to you!)

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