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A Heart for Writing + Speaking

My calling is to love Jesus and share about His love and goodness to a broken, doubting world around me. My specific purpose is to use my gifts and abilities to inspire with truth from the Word and empower people to take their next step towards Him and His plans for them, their marriages, their families and their world. One of the ways I do this is through writing and speaking.

Communicating truth is my heart and passion. I’ve loved “talking” to people for as long as I can remember. Everyone I would meet was my friend and I loved telling stories as a little girl. I also loved sharing the good things going on in my life- like the new pink jelly shoes I told the little girl on the playground at Burger King all about.

As a communicator I have a responsibility to steward my calling, my purpose and my gifting well, with belief and passion. The pursuit of our calling expressed through our specific wiring is our worship. This weekend I am stewarding both my calling and my purpose at the Declare Conference.

The Declare Conference is a two and a half day event for Christian Communicators. We have worshipped, we have learned, we have been called to examine our hearts and motives and been equipped with practical tools to help us hone our craft. The biggest thing I’ve taken away is the value of the one.

The one, is you. You are the one reading right now. You are the one commenting and encouraging, praying and sharing. You are the reason I’m writing for 31 days. You are the reason I pray, plan, prepare and present the truth from The Word of God and challenge you to live like you believe it.

I want to challenge you with a few things I’ve learned at the conference this weekend because these truths apply to all of us! I’m preaching to the choir here and putting these in print holds me accountable, calls me to the fight and invites you into the boxing ring with me


“God takes it personally when we try to side step our calling in the name of inadequacy.” Andrea Howey

We get to quit quitting on ourselves and God. If our calling is to love Jesus and share that with others who am I to decide for myself how I can and can not do that? If I have the ability to speak truth that connects God’s people to the Truth but give into my feelings of not-enoughness, I give the enemy the stage instead of stepping into the light for Him to shine through me.


“Our bullies don’t disqualify us from he work of God.” Holley Gerth

We all experience and fight our own bullies. Our bully can be anxiety, fear, unbelief or laziness. Those bullies try to stand in the way between us and our identity. The bully isn’t my identity nor does it dictate my future. God does. His promises are good and His plans for us are good.


“The best ideas come from the right motivation.” Tricia Goyer

The motive of the heart is more important than anything we do or create. We were made to share Jesus to a lost and broken world in thousands of unique and personal ways. When the motives of our heart and pure and surrendered we can’t mess it up. Do the thing God has asked you to do. Do the thing you can’t stop thinking about. Try it. Fail. Try again. Pray. Surrender. Go.

Truth #4

“Our sweet spot is where our passions and skills collide with God’s timing for His glory.” Kristen Welch

God created us to bring glory to Him. It says so in Genesis and the theme carries all the way through Revelation. Someday, we will meet our Creator in Eternity and long to hear “well done my good and faithful servant.” He created us to create, manage and do the work here on earth that points His people back to Him. We can do that in our writing, speaking, teaching, singing, serving and every other thing we do in public. We can also use our passions and skills inside the walls of our own homes, churches and communities in how we cook, clean, organize, and serve doing the things no one will ever see. It all matters to God when it’s all for His glory!

So what about you? Do you have a passion to create, write, speak, start a ministry or serve a community/church? Are you ready to let Him use your passion and skills for His Glory? Are you committed to evaluating the motives of your heart and walking in complete surrender and trust? Are you ready to quit letting the “bullies” rob you of your true identity? Are you done playing hide-n-seek with the Lord when it comes to your calling and purpose?

Today’s challenge is to pray through these questions. Ask yourself and be really honest. Grab one of these truths for yourself and make a commitment to the things your passionate about and skilled to do. You are uniquely you and I am uniquely me.

I’m cheering you on. But I can only cheer you on if you tell me how to cheer for you. You can message me on social media, comment here or text me if you have my number. It’s scary to say it out loud or put it in writing. We worry about what “others” might say or think. But I’ll never ask you to do something I haven’t already done myself.

So here it is. The motivation behind the #write31days challenge and the reason I’m committed to sharing something every day this month. I have a heart for writing + speaking because HE gave me these passions and abilities and I will do it, in public and in private, for His glory.

Thanks for loving me right where I am, waiting patiently for me to realize what you already knew and cheering me on every step the way!




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