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A Heart for Day Dates

It’s no secret I am a quality time girl. It’s my top love language and makes my heart happy.

For as long as I can remember Chad has taken me on day dates. A day date is when you get to spend a good chunk of a day or the full day start to finish together. Day dates are usually pretty simple in what we do but the uninterrupted time together fills my Love tank and refuels me.

When my kids were young we would pre-arrange a Saturday where they went to a grandparents. As they got older we would work around their sports schedules which limited us on the weekends. For special occasions like birthday and anniversaries Chad and I would both take off from work for a day date.

As the kids got older and pee-week games were traded for middle school sports and their social schedules filled their weekends it became easier to carve out the chunks of time. There’s something about the ability to fit in a variety of activities into a day date vs trying to cram it all into a couple hours on the evening. Day dates also open opportunities to do things that you can’t always do in the evening.

Practically speaking, we like to take turns planning our day dates. There’s usually some type of outdoorsy thing or adventure for us to embark on. We also like to plan day dates around things like the Ft Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, the Texas State Fair or local craft/trade shows. Day dates can include shopping for things we need for the house, grocery shopping together and preparing a meal or birthday/Christmas shopping.

We usually start with breakfast, either cook something yummy or head to our favorite breakfast stop. Then we head out for the days activities. Whether planned out or spur of the moment we get creative and go with the flow.

Day dates don’t have to cost much either. Hiking at local state parks, long walks at nearby city parks or a day of yard work can be fun too.

What you do isn’t ever as important as who you’re doing it with. As newly empty nesters we find most Saturdays we are trying to catch up from the week and this is our day to really connect. This time to connect sets the tone for our whole week. We look forward to our Saturdays together and know that the fun is what we make of it.

Being together is our favorite place to be. That sounds like a cute quote but it is our current reality. I will never take for granted how much I love spending time with my man and that the feeling is mutual. This is only possible because we have tended to and cared for our relationship for the last 20 years.

So here’s my question for you…. when was the last time you spent a whole day or a good chunk of one with your spouse? Can you purpose to schedule a time for that soon?

Praying for you as you invest in your marriage and your spouse. No matter where you are in your marriage journey today is always a good day to start something new or restart something you’ve let slip away!

Love you guys!


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  1. Rose Jordan October 25, 2018 at 9:20 pm - Reply

    So…since he was diagnosed, we’re together NEARLY 24/7. And we like it that way- usually. But day dates are my FAVORITE.

    Day trips to hike new trails.
    Treasure hunting antique shops.

    And at the beginning of every month, we have a “Grocery Date.” We prep our menu and make a grocery list. Then we pack up our reusable grocery bags and head out for the day. Before the grocery shopping, we usually eat out and then see a movie. Then we make the rounds to all our favorite grocery stores.

    LOVED THIS POST Megan. And I love your heart. <3

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