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A Heart for Gratitude

It's almost that time of year...thankful month. Because, you know, Thanksgiving. But let's change things up a bit. What if we quit waiting until thanksgiving to remember what we're thankful. What if gratitude is our go to every day of the year? For as long as I can remember, I've been able to find the good in things. I wrestle with negativity just like the rest, but over two decades ago, maybe even three I came to realize the only person who has authority over how I feel about my life.... is me. About twelve years ago God birthed a vision in me for #everydaypearls. I was sitting at a women's event and I felt the Father whisper to my spirit. There's something so [...]

A Heart for Dr Pepper

It's no secret my favorite drink on this planet is Dr Pepper. I've loved it since I was a kid. It's my go to. When I'm happy, I want a Dr Pepper. When I'm sad, I want a Dr Pepper. When I'm disappointed, upset or mad ... yup, you guessed it, Dr Pepper. We were always allowed to have soda as as a kid. Primarily on special occasions, but they were in the house quite often. We were a house divided, my mom love Dr Pepper and my dad loved Coke. Dad never went for the sweetness or crossed over to the Dr Pepper side. He still to this day calls it that nasty prune juice drink. Dr Pepper is not only my drink [...]

A Heart for Sharing my Favorite Things

It's no secret I like what I like. I also like to share with everyone I can the things that I love. Every chance I get, I'll share what I find in hopes that you will like it too. In the midst of this #write31days challenge I'm taking opportunities to share things I'm passionate about but also, to just have fun. So just for fun, today I'm going to share with you my top 25 favorite things (not people). Consider them recommendations. They're in no special order and there's no rhyme or reason. Pearls- I love the simplicity and timeless elegance of pearls. They can be worn with an evening gown or a t-shirt and jeans. They remind me of my grandmother. Post-it Notes- [...]

A Heart for Hearts

They're everywhere. On the ground, in the sky or on your plate. I can find hearts or heart shaped things in the simple ordinary places and spaces throughout my day. Recently on a girls trip  my friend just picked up a leaf and handed it to me. I was confused for a moment but when I took the time to look at it I could see, it was a heart. She knows me and my heart so well she stopped on a busy sidewalk at an outlet mall to pick up and hand me a tiny little heart shaped leaf. This moment my friend loved me and I felt the love of Jesus in a tangible way. These things happen often. A few weeks [...]

Adventure awaits, will you join me?

Welcome! I’m so thankful you stopped by and even more excited about what our future holds. Life is a journey full of moments that matter. We are all called to walk by faith, trust Him in the unknown, do the uncomfortable and let the outcome glorify HIM alone. Everyday we choose to live in the middle of God's will is an ADVENTURE. My God is so BIG and this is just one piece of tangible proof. Why did I start this adventure? This is the question many will ask and is quite possibly one of the hardest to answer. Beginning the journey has been a dream, a desire, a stumbling block and an area of my life where I’ve flat out walked in disobedience. I’ve [...]

Everyday Pearls

Everyday Pearls I love to share real life moments because that is what matters to me, to God and they just might matter to you too. One of my favorite quotes is “a lot of littles make a big” and that’s where this all began. God speaks to all of us through the little things in life and we have a choice to learn from them. I have learned that because moments matter, we don’t want to miss them and we don’t want you to either.   About a pearl Pearls are exquisite, beautiful, classy, elegant but most of all timeless. In different time periods they signified social status, they were worn for special occasions, kept in a box for safe keeping. Now, [...]

Being thankful gives others permission to be thankful too

Gratitude is an attitude easily misplaced. Occasionally we must pause to recalculate our trajectory and there's no better way than refocusing on what matters most. As I was scrolling through random inspirational quotes in my google images, I immediately stopped at this quote from Tony Robbins. I thought through these words and I realized how easy it is to shift from walking in expectation of what you want or think should be, to walking in appreciation of what is and what HE has done. It's also ridiculously easy to walk in expectation instead of appreciation. After playing through the things I appreciated in my day today I felt compelled to share this on my Instagram. I have now made a public charge to allow [...]