A Heart for My Girl

Last week I shared my heart for my man. Today, I'm sharing my heart for my girl. I was 17 when we got married. Approximately three weeks before we got married we found out we were going to have a baby. There was no question in our minds, what we knew we wanted to do. And so, we did. We got married and started preparing for our family. I’ve shared our story many times publicly but never in writing for the world to see. It’s scary. Like a teenager about to have a baby scary. Since the moment I knew I was going to have a baby I wanted her. Everyone said we were having a boy and they had us convinced. We couldn’t [...]

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A Heart for Home

What we call home is a culmination of what we grew up with and what we've created. Home is my favorite place to be. With my people, my stuff, in the space we have cultivated and call home. Home isn't always about the place we reside but the way that place makes us feel. We can cultivate an atmosphere that speaks to our hearts in just a few easy steps. Ask yourself these two simple questions. 1.) What feels like home to me? Is it soft blankets, yummy smelling candles and pinstripes? Then fill your home with those things. Is it a giant couch the whole family can pile onto to watch a movie? Make finding that couch a priority. You don't have to [...]

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A Heart for Simplifying

I've spent the better part of the last two days tackling a project that's been on my To Do list for the last six months. As I started to pack up the little farmhouse to make room for Chandler's stuff I sorted and stored all the things I knew I didn't need in the new house. I continued to add to the pile as we moved and unpacked, organized and simplified. Writing about simplifying with a house full of stuff seems a little weird to me. While we lived in the little farmhouse we discovered that we can live with a lot less. Items that have been in storage for the last two years have either been replaced if they were necessary or forgotten. [...]

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A Heart for Farm Life

Have you ever taken a look around and wondered how in the world you ended up here? Do you ever sit and celebrate the sovereignty and goodness of our God? Do you giggle a little on the inside when you compare your reality with what you planned? Yup. All. The. Time. Two years ago we found ourselves in the middle of one of the biggest transitions in our married life. We were selling the home I thought we would live in forever, we bought 20 acres with a dilapidated OLD farmhouse and we were remodeling it to live there indefinitely. Talk about unplanned and unprepared. Living on the farm, remodeling an old farmhouse and transitioning from being  full-blown city girl to the quieter life [...]

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Family Dinner: it’s Worth the Fight

We want to know how to win with Family Dinner but is it really worth the fight? We battle schedules and attitudes, time and space. Dinner together at a table doesn't feel like it fits let alone deserving of the planning and resources required when driving through our favorite fast food chain is so much easier. Today we are unpacking the why behind an age old tradition that still holds value in our homes and lives today.   It’s no secret I’m a sucker for all things family. Gatherings, outings, meals or moments; they all speak love to my heart and identity as a wife and momma.   Family Dinner Growing Up I grew up in a home where dinners were prepared at home, [...]

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Conquer the Chaos of Christmastime- Guest Post from Heather Bock

Conquering the chaos of Christmastime sounds like an oxymoron but you're going to love this bit of wisdom from Heather Bock. She is a gracious friend and fellow blogger. We had the privilege of connecting online and meeting in person this past fall at a writer's conference. She is passionate about Jesus and the Word of God, a champion for others, an intentional wife/mom/friend, and phenomenal encourager. I know you'll be blessed by her words this Christmas Season as she encourages us to conquer the chaos of Christmastime. (to connect with Heather I've included her links in the intro) Conquer the Chaos of Christmas Three Steps to Conquer the Chaos of Christmastime I am very busy. I homeschool three young children, teach [...]

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Unfiltered: Seasonal Parenting

Welcome to Unfiltered Fridays where I share pieces of my life unfiltered and unedited. From parenting and marriage to my own personal struggles and victories it's all unfiltered, real and raw. I love to use this time to open my front door wide open and invite you into the areas of my life where I'm learning, growing, struggling, enjoying and embracing the changes. Check out my previous posts about my everyday life and life at the farm. Today we are chatting about seasonal parenting. I'm in a season of parenting that, quite honestly, nothing and no one prepared me for. I'm currently parenting two adult kids who live at home. Harder than learning who I am called to be in this season as a [...]

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Why Rules and Regulations are not the Answer- Guest Post From Rebekah Hargraves

Hey friends! I want to introduce you to my new friend Rebekah Hargraves from Hargraves Home and Hearth. She has a heart to encourage moms and I know you will all be blessed by her. I had the privilege of being part of her launch team for her brand new book Lies Moms Believe (And How the Gospel Refutes Them). Be sure to check her out, links are all at the end of the post! See you Friday for Unfiltered! Why Rules and Regulations are not the Answer (And What Actually Is!) As Christian moms living in an increasingly dark and perverse culture, we so desperately want to preserve our children's innocence as long as we possibly can. We want to shelter them from [...]

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Hope Realigned: 5 Steps to Regain Hope when Hope Feels Lost

Hope gets lost sometimes in the craziness of life and we must fight for hope realigned. A realignment is the action of changing or restoring something to a different or former position or state. I am instructed to put my hope in the Lord and not the things of the world. Easier said than done, I know. If we align with the world we look to people and circumstances to make us happy, fulfill our dreams, keep us safe and define our future. When we look to the Lord and lean on the truth from His Word, no matter how great the loss, how painful the hurt or how empty we feel, hope is realigned and centered on Him.   I’m learning life is [...]

Book Review & Give Away: I’m Going to Give you a Bear Hug

Little people, big impact!   That's how I feel about this generation growing up in a technology saturated world. Every day we have the opportunity to make a BIG IMPACT on their little lives as they are growing up under our roof and in our care.   Reading is a lost art in this stick-em-in-front-of-a-screen generation. I will not be known by what I am against, I will only advocate for what I am for! Spending time with your child curled up in your lap after they've had a bath, put on clean jammies and smell delicious is a commodity we can't afford to waste.   Moments matter. Every single one of them.   That's why I love this book! It's all about the [...]