A Heart for Mentoring

Mentoring is a word we throw around but aren't quite sure what it looks like. The definition of a mentor is a trusted counselor or guide. For today, my personal definition of mentoring is earning the trust of someone by loving them well so you have permission to guide them through the trials and victories of life as a woman, wife and mom. MY NEED FOR MENTORING I was a mom at 18 trying to figure out the whole mom thing and maintain my sanity, learning to love Jesus and live out my faith, and assuming the new role of wife and navigate the whole marriage gig. I did't have many around me to look to but the ones I did, I watched them, [...]

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A Heart for Writing + Speaking

My calling is to love Jesus and share about His love and goodness to a broken, doubting world around me. My specific purpose is to use my gifts and abilities to inspire with truth from the Word and empower people to take their next step towards Him and His plans for them, their marriages, their families and their world. One of the ways I do this is through writing and speaking. Communicating truth is my heart and passion. I've loved "talking" to people for as long as I can remember. Everyone I would meet was my friend and I loved telling stories as a little girl. I also loved sharing the good things going on in my life- like the new pink jelly shoes [...]

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A Heart for the Cheerleader

Two bits... four bits... six bits... a dollar. All for encouragement stand up and HOLLAR! A wise leader in my life makes this statement, "no one will ever say they've had it up to here with encouragement." We can all use a cheerleader in our corner and the job of a cheerleader is simple; lead the way with cheers that encourage the win. THE CHEERLEADER IN ME Let's begin at the very beginning. In middle school I tried every sport and at the end of middle school I decided to dabble in cheerleading. I took classes and tried out and, much to my surprise, I made it on the high school cheer team. Cheerleading became my life. My friends were my fellow cheerleaders and [...]

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A Heart for Rest

Have you ever found yourself running in twenty different directions completely spent and wondering why? Have you been trying the do the same things with zero change and feel totally depleted and defeated? No? Me neither.... said no one, ever. RECOGNIZING MY NEED FOR REST About two and a half years ago I found myself in the middle of one of the best seasons of ministry and in a great place with my family. In the midst of all the good things going on around me I felt this annoying nudge to step away from everything I had known and loved to press into something new, unfamiliar and quite scary. God was calling me away from busyness and into a season of rest. The [...]

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Vision Board- The Value in Creating Yours with Friends

  Some call it a Vision Board, others call them Dream Boards but no matter what you call them, they are a great tool to help you keep your dreams, goals and visions in front of you. This week I finally took the plunge and did something I've wanted to do for a long time. I scheduled time with a few friends, gathered simple supplies, prayed and created my first ever Vision Board. The process was revelatory and the time with friends was precious. Thankful for time and space, supplies and a place to do things I’ve never done before! Why I Made a Vision Board I've "envisioned" my vision board for years and even gone as far as cutting great stuff out of [...]

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10 Ways to be a Blogger’s Best Friend

It may seem like everyone wants to be a blogger, has started a blog, or dreams about someday blogging. The industry is huge right now for all types of bloggers. So many of us either have personally or have friends who have stepped out, in faith, to pursue a dream that God has placed inside us/them. We've jumped feet first into our blogging journey and you want to know how to help.   Recently, at a digital evangelists conference I attended, the message was repeated over and over that the world needs your voice. Even if there are 1000 people saying the same thing we all influence different people and there's a message that needs to be shared from each unique perspective.   As [...]

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Unfiltered: My Everyday Life

{I’m launching a new series that I’ll post on Fridays called Unfiltered where I will share a different area of my life. Unpolished, unfiltered I’m opening my front door wide open to let you in. You have something you're curious about, just ask! I’m diving off the deep end with this one and there’s not much that’ll be off limits. It won’t be perfectly edited and curated but it will be real and raw. Welcome in to my unfiltered Fridays!}   I’m rounding the corner on one year retired from full time working/ministry/church staff. I served my church in vocational ministry for 15 years and I loved it. I’ve worked some type of job since I was 16 and for the first time in [...]

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My Worst Bad Habit: How to Squash the Safety Net of Safe-Living

You want to know my worst bad habit? Let’s be real. We all have them. Those little annoyances we lovingly refer to as a bad habit. Nail –biting, sass-talking, over-eating, criticizing, substance-abusing… the list goes on. It’s endless because what’s a bad habit and damaging for me might not be for you. My go-to these days, my bad habit I’m ready to kick is safe-living.   Safe-living is exactly how it reads, living life with a safety net protecting what’s on the inside and providing a barrier to what’s on the outside.   We’ve had trampolines the entire time my kids were growing up and most of them were pre-safety net. I remember looking at those giant cages and thinking how unnecessary they were. [...]

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5 Rules to Live By and Why Journaling is so Hard for Me

Thanks to my handy new journaling tool, I wrote my very own 5 rules to live by. As I was writing a few weeks ago in my new journal with daily prompts I ran across this question: “If you had to list 5 rules to live by, what would they be?”. It was as if this question was written for me. I immediately wrote out my first thought responses and quickly shared it with a few of my writer friends. But let's be honest. I have an issue. I love to buy journals and planners and all things to keep me organized and on track. My favorite place to buy said journals and planners is of course TJ MAXX. They’re always so pretty, seemingly [...]

Stuck at the Threshold of Fear and Faith

Stuck. Immobilized. Unable to get from where you are to the place you want to go.   During a Sunday morning church service I was prepared to go out on the platform to greet everyone and make a few announcements. As I was making my way to the spot center stage it happened: the unthinkable. The tiny heel of my cute little black shoe was stuck, stopping me dead in my tracks. It was perfectly wedged in the small crack to the crawl space door that provided access under the stage. Attempting to look graceful, I pulled on it a couple times and it didn’t budge.   In that moment, I had a choice: to stay stuck or to creatively work my way out of that space [...]