A Heart for Day Dates

It's no secret I am a quality time girl. It's my top love language and makes my heart happy. For as long as I can remember Chad has taken me on day dates. A day date is when you get to spend a good chunk of a day or the full day start to finish together. Day dates are usually pretty simple in what we do but the uninterrupted time together fills my Love tank and refuels me. When my kids were young we would pre-arrange a Saturday where they went to a grandparents. As they got older we would work around their sports schedules which limited us on the weekends. For special occasions like birthday and anniversaries Chad and I would both take [...]

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A Heart for my Man

I've loved the same man more of my life than not. I was 16 when I met him and we started dating. I was 17 when we got married. Yup! 17. High School Sweethearts. We jumped straight into the deep end of #adulting hard core, navigating the messy waters of marriage and preparing to have a baby.  The title of "high school sweethearts" alone speaks to a lifetime of loving the same man and learning and growing together! We know that we steward a rare gift and celebrate every anniversary as the miracle that it is. I love my man for who he is, who he was and who he is becoming. The love I have for him grows deeper everyday. Now, it's not all [...]

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Drawing Near: A Guest Post from Candice Mummert

Hey friends! Today I'm sharing a guest post from my friend Candy. I met Candy through a mutual friend and writing buddy (Erica Willis of Believe Boldly) about a year ago. We have been able to cheer each other on, hold each other accountable and move towards the dreams God has put in us, together. I love Candy and her excitement for this message God has burning inside her for your marriage or future marriage and I know you will too. Take a look at what Candy has to say- Drawing Near. Megan and I agree, marriage is one of the greatest gifts God gives us. In the pyramid of relationships we are taught that our relationship with God should come first, and second is [...]

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22 things we’ve learned about marriage in 22 years: part 2

Marriage is our greatest adventure! Chad and I will celebrate our 22nd anniversary tomorrow, April 29. We've learned a lot, grown up together and a lot of life has happened within these last 22 years. We are sharing, not because we're perfect and have it all figured out, but because we've learned alot. We fight and fail miserabely. We still say or do the wrong thing at the wrong time and wound with our words, but the foundation of love that's been laid is a safety net for our screw ups as we press into what the Father is teaching us. This is part 2 in a series. If you missed it, head over to part 1 first. Here's a few more things we’ve learned, are learning [...]

22 things we’ve learned about marriage in 22 years: part 1

  Marriage is our greatest adventure! Chad and I will celebrate our 22nd anniversary this weekend, April 29. Twenty-two isn’t really a monumental year or anything. Our daughter liked to joke last year that our marriage was legal drinking age, which we weren’t when we got married. But this one feels different. We started off young, to say the least. Two babies, having a baby decided one evening at Braum's over ice cream that getting married was the best idea. No pre-marriage counseling, no wise words from older couples, just two kids with some family and a few friends in a backyard reciting vows and saying I do before heading off to prom. We've learned a lot, grown up together and a lot of life [...]

Farmhouse Venture: the Dream Inside Us

A little over nine years ago we built our dream house. And it wasn't our dream house because it was a big beautiful house in a great neighborhood in the perfect location with the best neighbors. It was our dream house because God put a dream in me when my kids were young to have a house where their friends could come to hang out and be a safe place full of fun. I wanted a house with a game room and a pool. So that's what we did nine years ago. I loved that house not for the material things in it but the dreams and memories attached to it. I also had a dream of staying in that house "forever" so my kids [...]

Marriage is a gift

Being married is one of the greatest gifts. It is a gift that teaches us, challenges us, blesses us and changes us. It is filled with heartaches and the most incredible blessings. I asked my husband, Chad a couple quick questions and I challenge you to ask your spouse too. #1 What’s the greatest part of being married? Chad: Having your best friend to do life with and experiencing new things together. #2 What’s the hardest part about being married? Chad: Adapting to the differences in expectations. #3 When was the last time you really felt like marriage was a gift from God to you? Chad: This morning when I woke up. AWWWW…. I mean, who wouldn’t love to hear those things come from [...]