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A Heart for Grace

Have you ever had a moment where you wanted to doubt everything but a voice inside you stops you dead in your tracks? Have you ever felt like you messed something up only to have people rally around you and assure you that it's ok? This is grace. If you've never experienced grace from the love of Jesus, yourself and the people around you I want to ask you to lean in tonight. Over the past few days I've had more opportunities to "lean not on my own understanding" and acknowledge Him. I have seen God show up and give me supernatural grace for myself and others. Even in the moments when it's hard, He is reaching out to us and asking us to [...]

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A Heart for Obedience + Accountability

Once upon a time there was a girl, desperate to figure out what in the world she was created to do. She would strive and search, try and fail, work and meet sucess face-to-face only to realize, that wasn't it. At one point she threw up her hands and said no to everything and slowly practiced saying yes, one thing at a time. She embraced rest and relationships, slowness and purpose. She took on challenges that stretched her and mover her so far out of her comfort zone it would take an eternity to get back. One day, in the midst of this crazy, hard, beautiful life she realized with complete awe, she was doing EXACTLY what she was created to do. She was [...]

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Unfiltered: Saying Yes to Change

Unfiltered Fridays are my opportunity to share with you what's on my heart. they're unplanned, unedited and just what God puts on my heart in the moment for the moment. You can take a look at previous UNFILTERED posts about my everyday life, farm life, seasonal parenting and birthdays. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll join todays conversation about change.   Saying Yes to Change I’m a year into “retirement” and can find myself restless, unsettled and even resentful at times. As I was reading through a devotional today the thought that stuck out like a neon light was SAYING YES TO CHANGE. I think that as I have navigated the new waters of life at the farm, life with adult kids, [...]

Talking to Jesus: Book Review & Give Away

Do you ever struggle with prayer? Does the idea of talking to Jesus intimidate or overwhelm you? I know for me, at times, I overcomplicate prayer. The simple truth is that prayer is a conversation. We talk to people all day long for the purpose of communicating needs, thoughts and feelings. At times, we avoid communicating those same needs, thoughts and feelings with the ONE who cares the most. Prayerlessness leads to loneliness, purposelessness, anxiety and frustration. We try and take matters into our own hands even if we've seen God work and move on our behalf before. In Jeannie Blackmer's new book Talking To Jesus: A fresh perspective on Prayer she takes a few of  our favorite stories and characters from the Bible [...]

Unfiltered: Life at the Farm

It's no secret #farmlife is a whole new world for me. I get asked many times throughout the week how I like it or how it's going and my response is pretty sterile. "It's fine" or "It's farm life" with and occasional "It's great!". This week I had something happen though...something shifted. The week started with some intentional time in the Word and seeking Him for some answers and setting some things straight in my heart. The Lord had some "cleaning house" He wanted to do in me. And I say wanted because that is His ultimate desire for each of us, to position ourselves to allow His gentle correction and grace that moves us from where we are to where He desires to [...]

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Hope Realigned: 5 Steps to Regain Hope when Hope Feels Lost

Hope gets lost sometimes in the craziness of life and we must fight for hope realigned. A realignment is the action of changing or restoring something to a different or former position or state. I am instructed to put my hope in the Lord and not the things of the world. Easier said than done, I know. If we align with the world we look to people and circumstances to make us happy, fulfill our dreams, keep us safe and define our future. When we look to the Lord and lean on the truth from His Word, no matter how great the loss, how painful the hurt or how empty we feel, hope is realigned and centered on Him.   I’m learning life is [...]

What’s Taboo about Faith and what do we do when we struggle?

Can I be real with you? I struggle with faith.   There! I’ve said it. It’s out in the open.   That’s pretty taboo considering faith is a major pillar of Christianity.   Walking in faith 100% of the time is a struggle even for the most committed followers of Christ. Why do you think that is? Because we are human and live in a fallen and broken world. We get tired, feel overwhelmed and let our situations and circumstances get the best of us.   And you know what? It’s OK. You’re normal. There is no condemnation for acknowledging or verbalizing your struggle. The good news is we don’t get to stay there, pitch camp and live in it. We get to choose to [...]

Farmhouse Venture: Forward Movement and Momentum Shifts

Life is a series of opportunities for forward movement but what happens when the momentum is taking you in the direction opposite of what you’ve hoped for or moving faster than you can handle? It’s time for a momentum shift.   At the farm our property is essentially separated into three different sections. There’s the front that has a few small rolling hills and the house, garage and barn. The middle section of our property is a low-lying flood plain overrun with trees and brush and was lovingly referred to by the previous owner as the enchanted forest. This leads to the back pasture which is an open meadow with trees surrounding the perimeter.   We use the Ranger to move from the house [...]

Stuck at the Threshold of Fear and Faith

Stuck. Immobilized. Unable to get from where you are to the place you want to go.   During a Sunday morning church service I was prepared to go out on the platform to greet everyone and make a few announcements. As I was making my way to the spot center stage it happened: the unthinkable. The tiny heel of my cute little black shoe was stuck, stopping me dead in my tracks. It was perfectly wedged in the small crack to the crawl space door that provided access under the stage. Attempting to look graceful, I pulled on it a couple times and it didn’t budge.   In that moment, I had a choice: to stay stuck or to creatively work my way out of that space [...]

When is it Time to Choose Faith and Jump?

  We all have those days when we aren't feeling so brave and the thought of jumping into something with both feet requires more faith than you can muster up.  Fear, uncertainty, doubt and unbelief can keep us stuck but that's not the place we are meant to set up camp. We were created to live a life marked by faith that leads others to do the same in spite of the temptation to remain grounded in the safety of the familiar and known.   I remember the moment perfectly. During our summer vacation our family ventured out to Jacobs Well to jump off the infamous rock into a very small but deep well below. The pictures made it look incredible with crystal clear [...]