A Heart for Dr Pepper

It's no secret my favorite drink on this planet is Dr Pepper. I've loved it since I was a kid. It's my go to. When I'm happy, I want a Dr Pepper. When I'm sad, I want a Dr Pepper. When I'm disappointed, upset or mad ... yup, you guessed it, Dr Pepper. We were always allowed to have soda as as a kid. Primarily on special occasions, but they were in the house quite often. We were a house divided, my mom love Dr Pepper and my dad loved Coke. Dad never went for the sweetness or crossed over to the Dr Pepper side. He still to this day calls it that nasty prune juice drink. Dr Pepper is not only my drink [...]

Unfiltered: Saying Yes to Change

Unfiltered Fridays are my opportunity to share with you what's on my heart. they're unplanned, unedited and just what God puts on my heart in the moment for the moment. You can take a look at previous UNFILTERED posts about my everyday life, farm life, seasonal parenting and birthdays. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll join todays conversation about change.   Saying Yes to Change I’m a year into “retirement” and can find myself restless, unsettled and even resentful at times. As I was reading through a devotional today the thought that stuck out like a neon light was SAYING YES TO CHANGE. I think that as I have navigated the new waters of life at the farm, life with adult kids, [...]

Talking to Jesus: Book Review & Give Away

Do you ever struggle with prayer? Does the idea of talking to Jesus intimidate or overwhelm you? I know for me, at times, I overcomplicate prayer. The simple truth is that prayer is a conversation. We talk to people all day long for the purpose of communicating needs, thoughts and feelings. At times, we avoid communicating those same needs, thoughts and feelings with the ONE who cares the most. Prayerlessness leads to loneliness, purposelessness, anxiety and frustration. We try and take matters into our own hands even if we've seen God work and move on our behalf before. In Jeannie Blackmer's new book Talking To Jesus: A fresh perspective on Prayer she takes a few of  our favorite stories and characters from the Bible [...]