About Megan

Who is Megan Lacefield?

photo of Megan LacefieldMegan has never been afraid of a challenge.

If there was an expectation, she exceeds it. If there was an obstacle, she overcame it. If there was a need, she met it with a smile on her face.

Serving as a Marriage & Family Pastor for years, Megan has seen God work miracles in many marriages, starting with her own. Though she and the love of her life, Chad, started off shaky they landed on solid ground and have been running full steam ever since. With a daughter, Chandler(21) and son Riley (18), their family has shared with thousands their story of redemption, grace, and celebrating Gods goodness in the little things.

Recently she stepped out in faith into a new season to pursue the dream God put inside her to speak and write. Megan’s heart is that the spoken words  or written words found in Everyday Pearls capture the snapshot of His love through even the smallest details of our lives. Strong and bold is Megan’s message of hope for those who feel lost in the shuffle and insignificant in the eyes of God.

She prays that you walk away feeling loved, inspired and empowered, believing that God can turn even the smallest grain of sand into a beautiful pearl.

She enjoys living in the moment and making memories everywhere she goes. When she is not speaking or writing, she enjoys every moment with her family going on weekend getaways, working at their farm, or having a family meal. She loves escaping to the beach and real conversations with friends over lunch. If you want to see Megan smile, bring her a Chick-Fil-A Dr. Pepper!

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