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Talking to Jesus: Book Review & Give Away

Do you ever struggle with prayer? Does the idea of talking to Jesus intimidate or overwhelm you?

I know for me, at times, I overcomplicate prayer. The simple truth is that prayer is a conversation. We talk to people all day long for the purpose of communicating needs, thoughts and feelings. At times, we avoid communicating those same needs, thoughts and feelings with the ONE who cares the most.

Prayerlessness leads to loneliness, purposelessness, anxiety and frustration. We try and take matters into our own hands even if we’ve seen God work and move on our behalf before.

In Jeannie Blackmer’s new book Talking To Jesus: A fresh perspective on Prayer she takes a few of  our favorite stories and characters from the Bible and allows us to see first hand how they interacted with Jesus and invites us to do the same. Each chapter depicts a New Testament character and their encounter or experience with Jesus. We can take each one of these and incorporate them into our own life stories and situations.

He’s Done it Again!

In one chapter titled The Disciples: Feeding the 4000 she shares about how Jesus was teaching and people came from all over to listen and lean into what he had to say, to seek healing and be restored. Not long before he had miraculously multiplied the loaves and fish to feed the large crowd we know as the 5000. On this day, he was in a different region completely, ministering to a new and different crowd and he called on his disciples to feed this crowd.

Jesus fed the 4000 in the exact same way he had done before. The crazy part is the fact that the disciples doubted. They asked “where are we going to get enough bread in this isolated place to feed so large a crowd?” (Matthew 15:33).

Jesus responded with compassion, confidence and grace. “They all ate and were satisfied” (Mattew 15:37).

But the question lies in the questioning. The disciples had seen Jesus perform a miracle feeding the multitudes and Jesus did it again. The significance of the way God uses simple truths to challenge our faith teaches us about his faithfulness.

Evaluating our own Miracles

God is doing miraculous things in our lives everyday. Yet, when we are faced with trials and situations or circumstances that are painful or uncomfortable we struggle to recall the miracle. The same God who did a miracle in our life yesterday desires to show up on our behalf today.

Remembering the stories of how God provided for us and for others, along with the stories of the Bible, increases our faith when we worry and wonder how things will work out. Talking to Jesus p82

Where have you seen God work a Miracle in your life? How has He provided for you in the past?

The disciples, who witnessed many miracles, still had to be reminded again and again of Jesus’ power. Talking to Jesus P82

We are not alone in our doubt or our need for constant reminders. The disciples had Jesus, right there with them. We have the Holy Spirit, right here with us.

One day I took the time to write a list of all the hard things I’ve walked through win my life. All of our “lists” are different but as I reviewed the list I could see the miracle working hand of God on my life. Next to each hard thing I could attributer God’s provision or God’s protection.


Take Time to Reflect

Jesus has performed miracles on your life. Sit down and write a few of them out. Next, write a list of the areas of your life where you need God’s provision. After you write these lists, use them as a reminder to pray, in faith for God to do it again. It may not happen in the same way, look the same or yield the same outcome but the truth will be the same. God wants to perform miracles in our lives and provide for our needs.

Thanks to the BlogAbout Blogger Network I’m giving away a copy of Talking To Jesus. You can order a copy here or enter to win by subscribing to the newsletter here at and sharing one area of your life you have seen God work a miracle and how we can partner in praying with you for a miracle of provision in the comments below.


You can connect with Jeannie on Facebook or head over to her website.

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